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Definition of of Market Value

Market Value represents an opinion of the " estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and willing seller in an arm's -length transaction after proper marketing wherin the parties has reach acted knowledgeable, prudentially and without compulsion. 

Our firm follows the international valuation standards in valuating properties in our country. Being the most sought after property valuers in Cambodia, we give our customers value for their money and confidence in property valuation report. Services may provide:
Valuation for mortgage, loan & financing from Banks
Valuation for insurance purpose
Assessing for rebuilding following fire 
Valuations for balance sheet purpose
Assessing the value of a property for the  apportionment of an inheritance
Valuation of properties for tax purposes
Establishing Sale Price and Auction Reserves
Valuation for Take-overs and Joint Ventures
Valuation for Pre-purchase recommendation
Valuation of a property for Divorce Settlement Purposes.
Our company will provide the report within the table contents:
1. Introduction
   1.1 Subject of valuation
   1.2 Purpose and date of valuation
2. Valuation Principle 
   2.1 Basic of valuation
   2.2 Definition
   2.3 Valuation assumption
   2.4 Methodology 
   2.5  Source of information
   2.6  Title Investigation
   2.7  Site Inspection
   2. 8 Currency
3. The subject Property
   3.1  Situation and Locality
   3.2  Site Detail
   3.3  General Descriptions
   3.4  Particular of Occupancy/ Lease..
   3.5  Legal Description
4. The Valuation
    4.1 Sales Comparables
    4.2 General Comments and Basic of Valuation 
    4.3 Opinion of Value
5. Declaration and caveats
    5.1 Confidentiality
    5.2 Non Publication and Caveats 


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